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99% Purity Potassium Cinnamate Powder

99% Purity Potassium Cinnamate Powder

Potassium cinnamate CAS: 16089-48-8 Shelf life: 2 Years Apperance: White powder Purity:99% min Potassium cinnamate

Products Specifications:

Potassium cinnamate


Shelf life: 2 Years

Apperance: White powder

Purity:99% min


1. Natural food preservative
2. Good antibacterial ability
3. Be used in Medicine, agriculture and food

Potassium cinnamate

1. Potassium cinnamate is synthesized by cinnamaldehyde and potassium carbonate with the help of catalyst. It is fully soluble in hot water, 50% soluble in cold water, soluble in 95% ethanol and slightly soluble in absolute alcohol. 

2. Potassium cinnamate is one of the synthetic organic intermediates. It widely use in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, agriculture, chemical industry and daily chemical etc, and used to be the antiseptic and antioxident in the food and beverage, essence for the cosmetics. 

3. Potassium cinnamate is nontoxic and easily soluble in water. It is used as a new tpye of antiseptic and antioxident instead of the traditional usage of Sodium benzoate in the producing process of food and beverage. Its efficacy is 10 times over the sodium benzoate. Additionally, Potassium cinnamate has a function of vasodilatation.

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