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Supertest 450 Injectable Mixed Testosterone Blend Oil Super Test 450mg/ml

Supertest 450 Injectable Mixed Oil MOQ: 100ML Package: Customized package Contact:Cassie Lee Whatsapp:+8618126437315 Skype:+8618126437315

Products Specifications:

All the oil is customized by our professional chemist.

Competitive offers will be provided according to your detailed orders.

MOQ: 100mL

Each ML Contains:

32mg Test Ace

147mg Test Deca

73mg Test Prop

73mg Test PP

125mg Test Cyp

Why Choose Supertest 450?

Super Test is designed to help them build muscle mass, improve strength, support an already healthy sex drive, help detoxify their system, and maintain their bodies for optimum fitness and health.

Supertest 450mg/ml @ 1L Cooking Recipes:

Test Ace32 gram

Test Deca 147 gram

Test Prop 73 gram

Test PP 73 gram

Test Cyp125 gram

20 ml BA (2%)

200 ml BB (20%)

Add Grape seed oil to 1L


Supertest 450, for duration of exposure is the most "long-playing". After 1 injection, the drug will last almost a month. And cycle should last from 10 weeks, in order to maximize the full effect of the drug.Like any Testosterone, it can be combined with any drugs, according to the androgen and anabolic scheme. Thus, you will achieve a synergistic effect from taking this drug and greatly improve the effectiveness of the cycle.

Common Dosage:500-1250mg per week and cycle would be from 8-20 weeks.

Active Life: 7-8 Days

Needed Tools:Heating and stirring equipment,Auto Vacuum Pump Filter,Penicillin Bottles,Bottle Sealing Device etc.


Why Choose It?

1. With a very competitive price than finished oils sold in the market.

2. The quality is guaranteed good, using 99%+ purity powder and solvents.

3. It's safe for new users.

Hot selling market:

United State(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Brazil,Peru, Ukraine, South Africa, Norway, Poland, Slovakia,Netherlands(Holland), Greece,Italy,Poland,Georgia, New Zealand, Sweden, Colombia etc.

How to order?

1, Confirm product quantity and price

2, Do the payment, then we pack your parcel within 6 hours.

3, Ship parcel out, send you package pictures

4, Provide tracking number when it comes online

5, We trace until you receive within 4-7 days

Please contact me if you are interested in our product.

Contact:Cassie Lee



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