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Methyltestosterone Powder 58-18-4

Methyltestosterone Powder 58-18-4

Quick Detail Product Description Introduction A testosterone(brand Android,Androral,Metandren,Oraviron,Testred,Virilon)is also known as 17α-methyl testosterone or 17α-methylandrost-4-ene-17β-alcohol-3-one,Active androgenic anabolic steroids(AAS)and 17α-methylated testosterone derivatives for the...

Products Specifications:

Quick Detail

Product Name






Molecular Weight



1.1±0.1 g/cm3

Boiling Point

434.4±45.0°C at 760 mmHg

Molecular Formula


Melting Point


Flash Point



White Powder


1kg foil bag


691-1036 USD/KG





Origin China


Payment Term

TT/West Union/Money Gram/Bitcoin

Delivery Time

3-5 working days by express normally

Product Description


A testosterone(brand Android,Androral,Metandren,Oraviron,Testred,Virilon)is also known as 17α-methyl testosterone or 17α-methylandrost-4-ene-17β-alcohol-3-one,Active androgenic anabolic steroids(AAS)and 17α-methylated testosterone derivatives for the treatment of male and androgen deficiency.It has a close structural similarity to testosterone but has methyl groups at position C17a to improve oral bioavailability.Because of the effective aromatization of effective estrogen methyl estradiol,methyl testosterone has a high estrogenic,and therefore has potential side effects such as men's breast dysplasia.






When the body is not enough to stimulate puberty,replace the hormone testosterone.Treatment of postmenopausal 1 to 5 years or hormone-sensitive tumors in premenopausal women with advanced breast cancer.

A testosterone is an androgen.It works by increasing the level of testosterone in the blood.


You are allergic to any of the ingredients in methyl testosterone

You are or may be pregnant

You are male suffering from prostate cancer or breast cancer

If these apply to you,please contact your doctor or health care provider immediately.

Some medical conditions may interact with methyl testosterone.If you have any medical conditions,please inform your doctor or pharmacist,especially if the following applies to you:

If you are pregnant,intend to be pregnant,or breastfeeding

If you are taking any prescription or non-prescription drugs,herbal preparations or dietary supplements

If you are allergic to drugs,food or other substances

If you have blood clot history;heart disease;stroke;diabetes;prostate enlargement of heart,kidney or liver disease;or liver cancer

Dosing Administration

Follow the instructions of the doctor using methyltestosterone.Check whether the label on the drug has an accurate dose description.

Oral or no food taking methyltestosterone if the stomach is discomfort,please bring food to reduce stomach irritation.

If you missed a dose of methyl testosterone,please as soon as possible.If your next dose is almost time,skip the missed dose and return to your regular dosing regimen.Do not take 2 doses at a time.

Ask your health care provider about any questions about how to use methyl testosterone.

Adverse Effects

All drugs can cause side effects,but many people have no or slight side effects.If any of these most common side effects persists or becomes cumbersome,consult your doctor:

Hair growth abnormal abnormal skin sensation;anxiety;hair loss;breast growth;sexual desire changes;general physical discomfort;headache;mood changes.

If any of these serious side effects occur,seek medical attention immediately.

Severe skin irritation(rash;urticaria;itching;difficulty breathing;chest tension;mouth,face,lips or tongue swelling);skin color changes;chest,chin or arm pain;confusion;depression;nausea;new lumps or pain;Infants with ankle,feet or body swelling;trouble urinating unusual bruises or bleeding;visual or speech changes;vomiting;weight gain;frequent or persistent erection;acne,changes in the menstrual cycle,deepening of the sound,hoarseness,or more The hair on the face.

This is not a complete list of all the side effects that may occur.If you have questions about side effects,please contact your health care provider.Call your doctor to ask for medical advice on side effects.To report side effects to the organization,read the FDA Report Problem Guide.

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